AFC Halftime Report & Playoff Predictions

We are halfway through the NFL season and somethings never change...

AFC -  East

The Patriots are in first -  well duh.  The Dolphins appeared to be poised to give them a bit of a battle until they woke up and remembered they are the Dolphins.   At 7 -2 the Patriots can basically put things on auto pilot.  This race is over.

AFC - North

Le'Veon Bell refused to report to the Steelers.  This ladies and gentlemen will surely END the 2018 campaign for those terrible towel fanatics.  They opened the season with a TIE.  Not just a tie - but a tie with the Cleveland Browns.   The BROWNS.  Let that sink in.  Well since then - the men of the Iron City have quietly assumed their position back on top of the AFC North.  The Bengals are in second - but we'll have to keep a close watch on A.J. Green's health.  I'm gonna call this one for the Steelers.

AFC South -

The sexy pick this year was the Jaquars.  It actually looked like a good pick three games into the season. But, like Miami - the team from north Florida (or south Georgia) awoke and remembered - We're the Jaguars....  DuuuuuuuVAL.      The Texans on the other hand also woke up.   Texans won't have an issue winning this division.

AFC West -

I'm almost feeling a bit sorry for the San Diego....uh, Los Angeles Chargers and Philip Rivers.  They are having  very good year.  Unfortunately,  Kansas City is having a better year.  Who the hell is Patrick Mahomes?????   Remember two years ago when KC didn't have a passing touchdown until like Christmas??? Well - they had like 5 before halftime of game one.  OK,, that is a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point....  KC Wins the Division and will have Home Field advantage throughout the playoffs. is the Playoff prediction for the AFC

#1:  Chiefs

#2:  Patriots

#3:  Texans

#4:   Steelers

Wild Card:

A:   Chargers

B:   Bengals


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