Erika Lauren

Erika Lauren

Erika Lauren, a Chicago native, graduated from Columbia College with a degree in Music Business. After graduating, Erika nabbed a spot on MTV's long standing reality show The Real World in Washington, DC. She asks you kindly to not hold that against her, or the fact that she got this job via Twitter message. Erika can verify that, in fact, it does go down in the DM's.

Erika joined The Alan Cox Show in 2010 and has put her foot in her mouth ever since. When she's not unwittingly making suggestive remarks that are later used against her, she enjoys playing shows with her cover band Pop Vulture, out with squad (#goals), and attending local concerts and sporting events.

Erika loves Ohio and feels like Cleveland's adopted child. Erika is the self-proclaimed ambassador of the East Bank of the Flats, so you know where to find her on a Saturday night. Well, either there or at home with her husband and two cats because she's basic like that.



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