Student Who Tried To Sell School On Craigslist Banned From Graduation


An 18-year-old senior with 3.9 GPA has been suspended for the rest of the school year and will not be allowed to participate in his graduation ceremony after his senior prank went viral. Last week, Kylan Scheele posted an advertisement on Craigslist to sell his high school. Somebody percieved his post as a threat and reported it to authorities because it said that "the reason for the sale is due to the loss of students coming up." 

Police investigated and determined that the post did not constitute a "credible threat" and even had a laugh about with Kylan and his mother Denetra Clark. Kylan explained that he was referring to the graduating seniors, not a threat to harm his fellow classmates.

"They said they didn't find it to be a credible threat," Scheele said. "They chuckled about it and told me I should probably go and clear it up with the school."

While the police had a laugh, the school district did not. A spokesperson for the district said that the school and police spent hours tracking down Scheele, and even sent an emergency subpoena to Craigslist. 

The district issued a statement explaining that any "student who makes a real or implied threat, whether it is deemed credible or not, will face discipline." 

Kylan's mother thinks the "school district drastically blew this out of proportion," adding, "I think it was a silly prank. He probably didn't choose the best words, but he's an 18-year-old boy." She went on to say that Kylan "felt remorse" after he found out that some people viewed his prank as a threat. 

Kylan said he has no issue accepting his first-ever suspension but thinks it is unfair that he does not get to walk at graduation. 

"I was cool with getting the suspension, as long as they would let me go to graduation," Scheele said. "I have worked hard. I have 3.96 grade point average. I've never been suspended, and the first time I get in trouble I can't walk at graduation. I have waited 13 years to walk at graduation."

Despite his apology, the school is standing by its decision to suspend and ban him from participating in graduation on Saturday. 


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