Crematorium Accidentally Spews Human Ashes Into California Skies


A malfunction at a crematorium in San Diego resulted in the accidental release of heavy smoke containing the ashes of human remains into the skies above Southern California.

According to 10 News, a furnace door at the crematorium was not properly closed while the system was being operated Thursday afternoon. The furnace was in use and the oven door was still open according to National City Fire Captain Brian Krebs, which sent the smoke out of the chimney and the open doors of the building. Krebs confirmed that there were human ashes within the smoke. 

Heat detectors within the building activated fire extinguishers, which gave off a strong odor according to firefighters. 

A crematorium operator who was working at the time of the incident denied that human ashes ever left the facility to reporters. The facility resumed normal operations later that afternoon, following the incident. 

Officials with the San Diego Air Pollution Control District said there were no health risks to the public from the smoke. 



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